Open PDF Externally button keeps appearing

Hello Obsidian Forum.

As a student I’m working with PDF’s inside Obsidian frequently. This works well for me although I’ve noticed something rather peculiar. When I’m inside the PDF “reader mode” and I move my mouse cursor outside the designated PDF area a button with the text: “Open PDF Externally” keeps appearing even when I haven’t clicked anything to prompt such a response. I’ve linked a screenshot of what I’m talking about…
Has anyone noticed the same issue and if so how did you fix it?

+1, Very annoying

Another +1. Still happening on 1.5.8.

I often embed PDFs in notes, this has made this workflow useless and frustrating.

I can’t seem to trigger that pop-up / button. So, for example the note looks like:

some text
more text

![[how to draw an owl.pdf]]

and even more text

and in Reading view, clicking around outside the embedded PDF area brings up the “Open PDF externally” button, is that correct?

Yes that’s correct

This has happened to me, too, on iOS. Any tap when viewing a PDF shows the “Open PDF externally” modal drawer that comes in at the bottom. It makes it so it’s actually not possible to close that tab anymore, because tapping the ellipsis menu in the upper right shows “Open PDF externally” instead of the standard menu with “Close” at the top. Added a screenshot as an example.

What the OP describes has also happened to me on desktop (macOS), but it’s not consistent. Some PDFs show the popup on hover, some I have to click somewhere first. It’s annoying either way because it makes highlighting something in the PDF either impossible or take more clicks than it should. Seems like a bug.