Open PDF Externally button keeps appearing

Hello Obsidian Forum.

As a student I’m working with PDF’s inside Obsidian frequently. This works well for me although I’ve noticed something rather peculiar. When I’m inside the PDF “reader mode” and I move my mouse cursor outside the designated PDF area a button with the text: “Open PDF Externally” keeps appearing even when I haven’t clicked anything to prompt such a response. I’ve linked a screenshot of what I’m talking about…
Has anyone noticed the same issue and if so how did you fix it?

+1, Very annoying

Another +1. Still happening on 1.5.8.

I often embed PDFs in notes, this has made this workflow useless and frustrating.

I can’t seem to trigger that pop-up / button. So, for example the note looks like:

some text
more text

![[how to draw an owl.pdf]]

and even more text

and in Reading view, clicking around outside the embedded PDF area brings up the “Open PDF externally” button, is that correct?