Open pasted image in original size

What I’m trying to do

I need the ability to open an image in it’s original size. I often paste images into my notes as I take them. Obsidian will often shrink them to make them fit on the page. Then I can’t read them.

Things I have tried

  • Double clicking the image in read and edit modes - nothing happens
  • control-clicking the image link - opens in new tab but same size

Have you tried with Settings > Editor > Readable line length toggled off? That should let the image expand to as large as you can make the editor window, but it’s not ideal for reading and writing.

What community theme do you use, if you use one? Different themes may have different line width options to break the image out from the line width. For example, the Minimal theme has helper classes you can set on a note-by-note basis.

Thank you very much for your reply. I am using a theme called “red graphite.” I think it was just an operator error (me being the operator) - if I control click the link of the picture, it opens in a new Tab. Thanks very much.

Ahh, I see. :national_park:

You can also right-click in the files tab on the .png file or on the link itself in a note, and there a bunch of options (open in a new tab/open to the right/open in a new window).

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