Open note in a new window by default?

Is there a way to open another (and then another) note into a new window, keeping already open notes as they are. This would equate to default pin mode, I guess. Anyway this works now?


I would like to be able to do this as well.

The objective is to have a small note window open so that content can be written down while viewing another window. Having both windows open on the screen avoids having to toggle between apps.

What I currently do is manually minimize the side panels, then resize the Obsidian window to fit onscreen with the other app. The current note takes up the whole Obsidian window, however, side scrolling is a problem if the note is wider than the obsidian window (which it usually is). When I’m done with the note, I manually restore the Obsidian window, and reveal the side panes.

An alternative to opening notes in a new window would be a plugin that toggles the Obsidian window configuration that way I do it manually, however, this does not address the side-scrolling issue.

Any ideas/suggestions?


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Something new in this topic? I really miss it.

Still nothing? Is it true that one cannot open notes in new windows? I find this incredible…:frowning:

Hi there, I am also really interested to know if there’s a way to open a note in a NEW WINDOW.
There is now a plugin by Jeremy Valentine called Second Window. However, the format is not the same as a typical Obsidian Note.
Hope to hear if there is a way to do this.