Open most recent note on launch

Hi thisis my first message so apologies if already much discussed. is there a way of auto opening my most recent note, the one I was working on when closing the app, whe relaunching the app. Or even better auto adding a link to the latest note on my homepage.

Many thanks

What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried

When I close and open an Obsidian vault, all my open tabs / tab groups are restored on restart. Is this not happening for you?

I’ve seen this behaviour (not on iPad).
For some reason my recent note is also removed on Linux. It may have to do how elaborate the workspace is…?

The workaround I use is to add an empty tab next to the last note before I quit the program, or if it’s not enough, I add a non-empty tab, usually a Surfing plugin tab with my Gmail or something.

Many thank for the responses. So I’ve found a simple solution, a helpful and simple community plugin called Recent Files you can specify how many recents you want listed and bingo.

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