Open local file via chrome/edge

I want to open url “file:///XXX.pdf#tag” via web browsers as http links(I add ‘#tag’ so chrome can jump to the page I want), but the system seems to open the url via file explorer and recognize ‘#tag’ as a part of the file name, so it won’t work as I thought. Is it possible that I can force the url to be opened in browser by someway as url schemes?

I think is going to be an issue with your operating system, not Obsidian. You could set your browser as the default app for pdf file types.

I could only get that type of link to work from a web server environment e.g.
[link to page 2](

I guess you could run your own web server locally and use http://localhost or similar instead of file:// ?

I know that’s a bit of a workaround, and you would have to get your local webserver to serve up the files in your vault somehow (or wherever you were storing the PDF), but I couldn’t get a file:// link to work with a tag, nor could I get it to open my web browser.

(for info, I am running Linux with Nemo as the file manager)

I tried, but i still won’t recognize the #tag. It only works when I click the url in the browser, but Obsidian seems to be developed with web(maybe Electron? I am not an expert), so I wonder if I can write a plugin to get it done? I don’t know if it is possible.
But I think that using external documents in my notes maybe not a good idea now. If I can link specific pdf page to my notes, it means that I want to use external documents to replace part of my notes rather than summarize them and write them down. It will make me lazy to think.

That is a practical solution. I also tried to put the file on remote server, but the connection speed is really a problem when opening big files over 100MB.

I think the file:/// uri scheme is always going to try to open the file locally first, but I’m not sure.

This is a future possibility. I would expect there to be specific plugins for certain PDF readers.

Another option would be instead of using the browser to read/link to PDFs, to use a local PDF reader that has a uri scheme.