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When an external link is clicked, Obsidian opens it in the default browser (google chrome) as expected.
My scenario: I have multiple obsidian vaults, and one of them I use for my professional job. All things related to my job, like enterprise account, email, and docs in the google drive company… I separate in another web browser (firefox). This works pretty well and I can manage to isolate all work-related tasks from personal things (my projects).

The one issue I’m unable to find a workaround so far is, to configure my “work-related vault” to not open external links in the default web browser (chrome) and open it in Firefox. I don’t want to change the default system browser, as my personal stuff is all in chrome. But my “corporate credentials” are all in Firefox and when I try to open an email or google docs link from the work vault it obviously does not open because it fails to authenticate through google chrome. All this could be simply solved if somehow I could configure in obsidian a web browser to open the external links. Really appreciate any thoughts, hacks, plugins, scripts on this.

If you’re on Mac then OpenIn can direct URLs to different browsers with rules or prompt for which to use.

Hook would be another option if you setup custom URL schemes.

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I forgot to mention that I’m in Linux. About the second method, could you send me a link/reference with some basics on how to “setup url schemes”?

My URL scheme suggestion was using Hook which is Mac only at the moment. This would have made it easier as it’s easy to setup a custom scheme and it’s easy to generate the URL to put in Obsidian.

You could hack something together on Linux like this but you’d have to manually edit URLs you put in Obsidian.

Community plugin:


Nice plugin, thanks for sharing!

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