Open links in a pop-over on ios without keyboard or mouse?

Maybe this is already possible somehow?

I want to have multiple links in a daily note and open them in a pop-over as I read. I’ve tried buttons and the hoveredit plugin. Is this possible natively or with plugins?

This feature request from earlier today may interest you:

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Thanks, that does interest me, just not sure if it would solve my issue.

I’d like to have a way to put links in a daily note and open them in a popover without having an external keyboard or mouse attached.

I’ve tried adding URI note links to buttons I’ve made with the buttons plugin, but seems the only way to open URI is in a new note pane displacing the note that was previously opened.

Some way to open a link as a popover or a link/button as popover without a mouse or keyboard on ipad would help with the screen size constraints.

You didn’t mention the keyboard in your original post. Anyway, I took the link to meant that there’s no way to do it now (maybe a plugin could be written), but there might be someday (if there’s a keyboard shortcut, it might be attached to a command that you could use).

Oh yea, you’re right. I’ll update it. I have tried to bind a keyboard shortcut on the mobile toolbar to hover edit as a popup, but haven’t been able to get it to pop a link up. Thanks for the replies.

On mobile you can also add any command to the toolbar (in Settings > Mobile, if the command isn’t in the list then use the search box at bottom). That doesn’t help of the plugin isn’t working, but FYI.

Also, to clarify, what I meant about the command was that if they add a hotkey for the preview, they might also add a command that you could then use. As far as I know there isn’t a command yet (except the plugin you tried).

Yep, I actually have the advanced mobile toolbar with a ton of stuff on it and tried that route. I see what you mean in the clarification and it makes sense. I did get it to work with hover editor finally and the mobile toolbar. What I didn’t realize is I had to highlight the link perfectly and then I can trigger a hover from the mobile toolbar.

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