Open link in new pane in edit mode?

Is there any way to open a link in a new pane (tab) in Edit mode?

I have tried to search and it seems like there was a feature request for something like this a good while ago. But could not find any follow-up.

It would be extremely useful. I do some of my writing in Obsidian now, and often have links in my draft for sources, things to work on, etc. But when I click on them (Cmd+click) while writing, then I lose the actual writing pane and have to navigate back.

I believe CMD or Control click will open a file in a new pane for you. You can set open in Edit mode in preferences, and it should be default.

Maybe I was ambiguous – I want to open a link in a new pane when I’m in edit mode already.
So, I’m editing text A, which has a link to B – and I want B to open in a new tab (whether in edit or preview, I can indeed set in preferences).

Cmd+click opens a link in a new tab if you’re in preview mode. In edit mode, that just opens the link in the current window (without Cmd you edit the link).

That would be Cmd+Shift+click.

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Ah indeed! Many thanks!!!

(And I thought I tried all these combinations, but apparently not.)