Open latest file with tag?

Things I have tried

Dataview, Searching google etc. - haven’t found any plugin that supports custom filters for file opening

What I’m trying to do

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to automate my obsidian experience, and with that came the need to re-open the last-created file - considering that I’m using Obsidian for school, I would also like it to search only for a given subject. The Dataview plugin has SQL support which I’m using, and I was wondering if It’s possible to assign a SQL query to hotkey, which opens a note if it finds any matches.
Eg. SQL that I would like to use to open a file:

FROM "School/Maths"
SORT file.ctime DESC

I’m sorry if this is cluttering the forum, I’m a newbie to it.
Thank you!

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You could search on the Dataview GitHub repo and create a request if it doesn’t already exist. Personally, I think it’s a good idea. And, I’ve never heard that request. Perhaps you may also be able to accomplish this using Templater or another plugin. Good luck!

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