"Open in Terminal" feature from MacOS Finder

The finder feature “open in terminal” allows to open the system terminal directly into the selected directory.

This feature is extremely useful since sometimes one notices that the given task might need terminal tools instead of the standard file explorer. Its especially useful if you have multiple vaults located god-knows-where, if i cant remember what i had yesterday for lunch i wont remember der working directory of the vault im working in

This feature wouldn’t be hard to implement and it could allow faster working on Desktop Obsidian.

Possible use case:

  1. I have a big vault in obsidian and i wanted to search for a sequence using reggex.
  2. I found an interesting github directory. Instead of opening my terminal cd’ing into the vault, given i remember where it is, i could just “open in terminal” and instantly git clone everything i need.

Unrelated: how were you able to ignore the template when creating this feature request? There is supposed to be a template that appears when a new topic is created in #feature-requests, but it seems like it is being ignored by everyone.

(Copying and pasting this across multiple threads to try and get some insight into the problem.)

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Sorry, i dont quite understand. Do you mean by template this:

We strongly recommend you to search the forum with possible keywords before making a new feature request. If your request is very similar to an existing one, consider liking it and/or making a comment rather than making a new one. Once you’ve searched and determined that this is a new request, delete this line.

Proposed solution

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

if thats the case i just cma+a and deleted it

Okay, good to know. Can I ask why?

Simply because the Template is rather laid out for bug reports that has been poorly repurposed. Thats why i dont have a current workaround for it because its not a bug that i need to workaround with. I don’t have a solution for anything. I have a request for a feature that might improve Obsidians functionality.

Of course you could see this as a solution for slow Obsidan to terminal workflow, but it seems a bit of a far fetch.

If the Template would have been something along these lines i would have used it:

Feature request:


Example worklflow/ Usage of the feature:

(optional) what user groups would benefit most from it?: (f.e. Programmers, Students etc.)

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A bit late, but for now, you can use a plugin: Plugin: Terminal - integrated terminals in Obsidian

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