"Open in default app" on Mobile

Hello Obsidian Community,

I am reaching out to inquire about a particular feature on the Obsidian desktop version that I find incredibly handy - the ability to open a file with the default system application. This feature has become an integral part of my workflow, especially when dealing with PDFs and various other document formats like images.

However, I’ve noticed that this functionality seems to be missing on the Android version of Obsidian. I am also led to believe it might be the case with the iOS version, though I am not entirely sure. I am wondering if there is a structural or technical reason behind this absence? Is this a feature that might be introduced in future updates? Alternatively, is there a possibility to implement this feature through a plugin?

I genuinely appreciate any insight or assistance regarding this matter. This feature significantly streamlines the handling of different document formats, and having it on mobile would undeniably enhance my, and presumably many others’, user experience.

Thank you in advance for your time and help!

What I’m trying to do

Tldr: Open in Default program on mobile

Things I have tried

  • Search the forum,
  • Google around
  • Looked for relevant plugin

I don’t know why that feature is absent from mobile , but you can work around it by using the share menu to send to another app. This may create another copy in the other app, depending. On iOS it at least sometimes opens the actual file in in the other app rather than copying it.

Thank you! I’ll give this a try!

To be honest, if it where to open another copy of the file that would be a bit of a dealbreaker for me, since the primary use would be accessing and editing highlights in files and then syncing them. But this definitely seems worth a shot!

I think it depends on what the receiving app supports, so if you get a copy you can try a different app. Altho…I just tried it, and the app i thought opens the actual file doesn’t. So you might actually have to make some kind of shortcut in Shortcuts and share to that to make it happen (or use the Shortcuts Launcher plugin which can possibly provide more info to the shortcut).

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