Open Help Vault choice missing from the startup menu

Newbie Question Here

When I first ran Obsidian the startup menu had:
Create New Vault
Open Folder as Vault
Open Help Vault

Now I get:
Create New Vault
Open Folder as Vault
Open Vault from Obsidian Sync **(This use to be the Open Help Vault)

When I click help I get another window with choices for online help, discord chat etc, but no local markdown help.

Version 0.14.15
OS: Ubuntu Linux 22.04
Running from an appimage file

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The full help is only available now at

Looks like it’s been folded into the help (question mark) menu:

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Looks like WhiteNoise is right but they must have just did this as it was there two days ago when I first installed Obsidian. Thanks everyone for responding!

I am on Obsidian 0.14.15 so this may have changed in the Insider version, but for me I can also see the Sandbox vault with the formatting advice (in a separate window from the vault I have open) via a button on the “Show debug info” command from the command palette.

That is too bad. I much prefer the Help Vault rather than opening a web page. I think I understand why, but it was much better to access everything through the Obsidian app.

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