“Open Folder as Vault” Option on Mobile

Use case or problem

I recently downloaded this application on the iPad and am wondering if there is a way to open an Obsidian vault created on my MacBook. The vault is stored in a separate folder on iCloud Drive for organisational purposes, and Obsidian on iPadOS does not seem to offer the ability to open vaults other than the ones created in the folder that Obsidian creates when you enable Store in iCloud. Is there a way to selectively open vaults nestled in an organised file structure similar to what Obsidian on MacOS offers?

Proposed solution

Offer the exact option that Obsidian MacOS offers by giving users the ability to open vaults located in a separate file structure. Having to stick one folder because Obsidian on mobile can not save its vaults outside of the predesignated folder on Files is incredibly limiting in terms of organisation on iCloud Drive, which is especially applicable when you already own multiple vaults on MacOS.


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On iPadOS it works so I suppose that the same can be done for mobile:
Copy the desired vault folder into the obsidian root folder, in my case it is called Obsidian.
Then go into the app and create a new vault with the exact same name.
It correctly opens the existing vault.

An adaption of this might work for iCloud folders, but I haven’t tested.

It’s not possible due to iOS sandboxing.