Open files from within the Obsidian workspace..?

I’m a musician (but this would apply to content creators of any sort…) and I want to work on my entire project from within Obsidian.

I want to research my project and build up a database of interlinking notes (heck, there should be a docking window in which I can use my web browser…! but that’s for another feature request!) AND I want to open and work on the files for my project (in my case album artwork [photoshop / illustrator files], and Logic song files) from WITHIN the Obsidian workflow…

I don’t want to have to minimise this window - open a finder window, navigate to my work files, open them, work on them, close them, maximise Obsidian again and get back to my notes (which are still yet UNLINKED with my work files)…!

I can work like that if I just use ‘finder’ - text files in folders, work files in other folders…

I had hoped Obsidian would streamline my creative workflow but it hasn’t, YET…

I tried putting copies of my song files in my ‘vault’ - they ‘appear’ in Obsidian but it can’t open them…

The main window is called the ‘file explorer’ - yet the only ‘file-type’ it understands is text files ?

I’d like to see icons for my work files (exactly as I do in ‘finder’ (mac) or ‘explorer’ (win)).

Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children??!

Settings>Files>Detect all file extentions

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Thanks WhiteNoise - done, but hasn’t made any difference as far as I can see…

All the files should show in obsidian, you add link to them and they will open in their own editor. What else are you look for?

OK, wow! amazing - it plays .wav files, mp3 files and ‘opens’ Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files in their respective applications.

This is totally great!!

BUT… it just does not recognise (Apple) Logic Pro songfiles. (Unfortunately, this is the main requirement I’m looking for in a ‘project organizer’ software…)

Also, can I not place an image file within a ‘note’? (this definitely seems like something a ‘second brain’ should be able to do - in real brains pictures come well before words!)

Anyway, this is definitely progress for me - I DO like this app A LOT!!

You can embed images?
If you use music xml files you can upload them with musescore, flat or the like, and embed them into your notes from there. It’s not exactly what you were looking for but might be useful.

Just drag the Logic pro file over to “Obsidian” while holding down the “Alt” key