Open empty pane when splitting panes to reduce lag

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Use case or problem

Splitting on live-mode panes with large notes (especially those with more than 3 dataview queries) results in obsidian freezing up because the new pane containing the same file must be rendered as well. My vault lies at 640 notes, and my daily-notes require 6 dataview tables and one inline query as of right now. Splitting a pane takes 7 seconds. That’s quite long when you do it 50-250 times a day.

I initially thought that the combination of “default new pane mode → editing view” and “default editing mode → source mode” would fix this issue, but that is not the case. The pane mode of a split-off pane does not rely on this setting, instead it is set to whatever setting the parent editor-pane was set to. Source produces Source, Reading Reading and so on.

Proposed solution

Allow a setting to keep newly split-off panes empty, or alternatively designate a specific default-note to open.

Current workaround (optional)

The only viable workaround I am aware of is to switch the pane you’re plitting on to source mode before splitting.

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The purpose of splitting panes is to get 2 views of a single note, so the suggested change wouldn’t make sense. Pane layout - Obsidian Help

But there should be a command that opens an empty new pane. I’d assumed there was and am surprised to find there isn’t.