Open different vaults from iOS home screen

Use case or problem

Having multiple Obsidian vaults and wanting to use both of them (at different times) on mobile. There is a decent bit of friction to switching vaults (Open Obsidian, slide the sidebar open, click Vaults, select the vault, tap enter, and then find the file you want to work on) and it would be convenient to more quickly jump into a particular vault.

Proposed solution

Two ideas:

  • Additional home screen icons for each vault. This is similar to adding a website link to the iOS home screen. For each vault you want to access from the home screen, there would be an icon. When you tap that icon, that vault is opened. I would imagine would also close a previously opened vault – it would be the equivalent of switching between vaults, but the only interaction would be tapping the icon.
  • Long-pressing the app icon on the home screen gives you an option of which vault to open

You can do this with Shortcuts. Just use an Open URL action with an Obsidian URL, and add the shortcut to your Home Screen.

You can even use the shortcut from Obsidian with the Shortcut Launcher plugin (optionally added to the interface with the Commander plugin).

But hopefully someday they’ll fix the mobile vault switcher’s bad design.

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Ooh very helpful! I need to learn more about this but very happy to know this route

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