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Hey everyone,

I am new to Obsidian but used Roam before. In Roam the daily note was created each day when I tabbed to the app (I am using MacOs). This was great.
In Obsidian I found the option “open daily note on startup”, but it just creates a note when I LAUNCH the Obsidian app. This feels strange because I do not want to close the app every time.
Is this how it should work and I have to find a work around? Or is it a bug in my Obsidian setup?
Thanks for your help!

That’s right. You’ll have to find another workaround. It’s operating as intended.

Some ideas:

  • Create a recurring script (cron job, Apple script, etc.) on your operating system that runs every day at midnight, or 4:00am or whenever, and makes the note if it doesn’t exist.
  • Set a hotkey to open the daily note. The command is Daily notes: Open today's daily note, which I personally set to Ctrl-Shift+D.
  • Maybe a plugin already exists to do this.
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Thank you. I will build a script for this. Thank you!

There is a plugin which allows to control behavior of new tab. It can create daily notes as well when you open a new tab.

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