"Open daily note on startup" doesn't replace all template tags

When I make a daily note with the Calendar Plugin everything works.
However if I do not make the daily note for today myself and the Daily Notes core plugin creates it on startup (because of the open daily note on startup option) only some parts get replaced.

{{date:dddd D}} gets Replaced with Tuesday 25 as intended.

![[{{date-1d:YYYY-MM-DD}}]] does not get replaced at all.

It can’t just be because of the links because,

[[{{date:YYYY-[W]ww}}|Week {{date:W}}]] gets replaced with [[2022-W44|Week 43]] as inteded.

It also can’t just be the ! because,

[[{{date-1d:YYYY-MM-DD}}|«]] does not get replaced at all.

It seems like the date-1d / also +1d causes a Problem.
I tried to use Templater instead of Templates.
([[<% tp.date.now(“YYYY-MM-DD”, -1) %>]] copied directly from the documentation)
But it also does not get replaced. (Trigger Templater on new file creation is turned on, also this version does not get replaced even if i use the calender plugin)
Replace Templates in the active file (Alt + R) does replace the Templater Version with the correct Link but I would like a way to make that happen automatically.

Is there a way to make that work ?

“Open daily note on startup” is an option of the Daily Notes core plugin. The date math syntax only works with the Periodic Notes community plugin (unless the core Daily Notes plugin has adopted it since I last used it).

I changed the post title from “Daily Notes not working” to the specific problem you’re asking about (““Open daily note on startup” doesn’t replace all template tags”).

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