Open/Close quotation marks for writing prose dialogue

This would have to be an optional feature as not everyone would want this.

I use Obsidian for writing first drafts of fiction.

Dialogue is enclosed in quotation marks (single for UK or double for US formats)

If I am writing in Word or other word processors, my dialogue quotes get automatically changes to open & closed versions around the dialogue.

Obsidian leaves these quotation marks as “straight” which is correct for most uses, e.g. coding.

If I copy and paste my writing to Word for further editing, these “straight” quotation marks do not get updated, and have to be fixed manually.

Would it be possible to implement a similar (optional) feature in Obsidian to auto-open/close quotation marks?

The option in Obsidian’s Editor settings to Auto pair brackets will do what you want, I believe. It will cause Obsidian to show “” whenever you type "

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Hi @anon27868835, Thanks for your response, but this is not what I am looking for.

However, now that I have thought to use the keyword curly to describe the quote marks I am looking for I have found the following plugin which solves my issue.


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