"Open Another Vault" from within an existing open vault consistently indexes the newly opened vault

Continuing the discussion from Indexing time:

For things I have tried, see the link above.
It’s as consistent as can be.
There is no way for me to open my “Main” vault from within my “Film” vault using “open another vault” without it indexing.

I can’t reproduce.

How do you know it has finished indexing in the first place?

Anyway, switch to restrictive mode, use default theme both vaults restart obsidian. Then restart obsidian again and take a screen recording of this happening.

Do you get errors in console ctrl-shift-i?

I was getting multiple (sometimes 1,000) errors in Dataview. I’ve discussed in github’s plug-in page. You can close this now as I have not had the error in 2 days.

As for how did I know indexing was finished, the box that shows ulp at the top right counts-down (e.g., Indexing 35 of 9,000. It stays open until it’s done, and then a new box appears saying “Indexing complete”.

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