Open and edit standalone Markdown files

Use case or problem

Edit Markdown files that do not belong in any vault, from Obsidian.

Proposed solution

Hidden directory in the vault, with a symlink or copy of the file getting created there upon open and destroyed on close. All plugins would then be available (I’m thinking “editing” plugins, such as Advanced Tables, Templater, etc…)


Adding my vote to this! I imagine there could be a global set of settings and plugins for this.

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I feel like this would be particularly nice for mobile >.>

Yes, please! I want to be able to open files from within Obsidian, or within the Mac Finder – whichever seems most convenient at the moment.

This would open up some alfred workflow possibilities :slight_smile:

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I would love this

I’ve been looking for something to take over Typora, and I absolutely love Obsidian’s real time rendering, and really want it to be my one-stop-shop for markdown editing too.