Open all files within folder

Use case or problem

Ability to open all files within a folder in separate tabs.

Proposed solution

Add an option “Open all files in this folder in separate tabs” or similar to it when you right click on the folder - see attached picture.



up!! this would be a great QOL feature.

For anyone else who are also looking for this in the meantime however, the workaround I pieced together is first using the Waypoint plugin to generate all notes of a folder as an outgoing link in a single note.

Then, I use the Bulk open selected links plugin to open all those generated outgoing links in separate tabs (though this plugin gives you the option to also open the links in separate windows or panes in the settings).

Something to note is that the Bulk open plugin seems to only work with Wikilinks. As a markdown link user, I just set-up the Waypoint plugin to generate in Wikilinks format. : )

For anyone with a better workaround, please do inform me! I find this solution a bit too convoluted.


Absolutely would love this! I was just researching if this is possible.

I’ve been using Obsidian for a few months, moving over from Evernote, and note overview and dealing with notes in bulk is a challenge in Obsidian in comparison. Frustrates me to pieces. Being able to open all notes in a folder would create a reasonable workflow for processing my inbox, something that is critical for me.

Adding onto that, this functionality would be great to also extend to open multiple selected notes in their own tabs.


If it is still relevant, I would also love this feature.

Has someone found a plugin for it, or something like that?

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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looking for this feature too