Onyx Boox + Obsidian Appreciation Theme

I have both a Note 2 (not Note Air 2, a Note 2…which is ancient-years-old in Boox years, annoyingly) and a Poke 3. I recently 3d-printed a clip-on device stand for my K380 keyboard to create a nice portable writing platform—basically the e-ink typewriter setup I’ve dreamed of having for literally almost a decade. I haven’t had much chance to play with it yet due to a recent move, but experimenting with that setup (including finding a way to cross-sync its Obsidian vault in Google Drive with my main vault in iCloud) is one of my goals this summer. (I also use iA Writer on it.) I’ll do my best to report back with how things go!

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Which setting makes the text “less horribly bloopy”?

ooo, please do! I have the Note 2 as well, if I recall [it’s been so long since I used mine I’ve forgotten what it’s called… I had to apply to grad school and I just haven’t had the time or desire to read honestly]
Getting a good Calibre / Zotero / Obsidian / Boox / OneDrive workflow is what I’ve been all about from the start, but I haven’t been able to get it quite right.

Hi, can you take handwritten notes on obsidian on the boox? I’m new to obsidian and boox, but I’m doing a PhD and thought the boox would help me to read papers and take notes, and also heard very good comments about obsidian. I’m trying different flows to get my work done better and faster. All tips are appreciated

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