Only show vertical tabs when more than x number of files are open

The stack tabs function is great, but there is a slight difference compared to Andy’s website.

Inside the working notes on Andy’s website, the vertical tabs only appear when the window have more than 3 files open (depending on the window size and your screen), then the vertical tab automatically appear on the left with the left most file collapsed.

And if the width of your browser window is small enough, no matter how many links you click, the files only open one at a time, without tabs becoming vertical or being stacked.

I previously thought this was not possible with Obsidian until I realized some of the sites created using Obsidian Publish was able to function exactly the same (e.g., Alexis Rondeau).

Was there something that I was unaware of, perhaps a plugin, a theme…, that can achieve this function inside the Obsidian App, or is it just only possible with websites created using Obsidian Publish?

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