Only show last Tag in Nested tags in text

Use case or problem

With long nested tags it can be difficult to read the text correctly as it is too distracting, especially with longer nested tags.

Proposed solution

Option to only display the last tag of a nested tag in preview mode, for example: taga/tagb/tagc/tagd would be displayed as tagd only.

Maybe if you hover over the tag it could display the complete nested tag?


Any news on this ?

I want it too :((

+1 here :slight_smile:

This would make tags much more usable. Particularly if there were multiple formatting options; how @, or not, show full tag, show only top-level tag, show only lowest-level tag, etc. Some of my vaults would benefit from having formatting one way, other vaults from other ways.

+1 This would be great!

+1 I just started with Obsidian and already this is the number one feature I would add

Hi all,

I had the same problem and are very happy with Obsidian Base Tag Renderer.