Only embed text when title is present on embedded note

For now, when one uses the title embed function ![[note#title]], it shows the whole note when the “title” is absent from the note.

I would like this behavior to be changed to not showing anything at all if the title is absent from the note. I think this would make a lot of sense and would make some workflows easier/viable.

Example use case: I embed my weekly work log in a weekly note and use a script to generate the embeds automatically. If I did not work on a day, I usually delete the title from my daily note (to keep it clean), and thus, I just want nothing to be displayed when I embed ![[day#Work Log]]`.
Instead, now I have the whole note that is embedded - which kind of ruins the weekly review content/efficacy.

In the meantime, I will just keep an empty title section in my notes.

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