Online user group talks & discussions

No problem, ill look at it tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I’m happy with what we’ve achieved here and what’s to come.

I’m going to fill out the form and submit anyway!

IDK if Discord Voice allows Recording of sessions (or we could use some other tool that gamers use to stream)… it would let blocked folks like me at least later watch all those great happenings I’m going to miss live, and they could become a trove of video content that’s a basis for future Obsidian tutorials, help pages, or classes. Just note that legally one has to inform attendees beforehand that the session is recorded and how public it would be.


So, is everyone happy to announce this thing then? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@xnhp have you have a chance to read the form?

I haven’t written an announcement yet, I could start that now.

I messaged Licat asking his opinions on this, but he hasn’t replied just yet

Sorry all, I’ve been a bit busy, I’ll follow up as soon as possible.

I saw you already posted on discord. Thanks a lot!

@SkepticMystic Can you share the Spreadsheet that contains the form submissions?

Here are the two spreadsheets:

Thanks @SkepticMystic! :slight_smile: Just looked again at the forms and they look great as well.

I saw you’ve already been advertising our little endeavour on discord; thanks a lot for that.

Did you already post on #general as well? If not, I’d probably do that aswell in a few day’s time.

I made some submissions, requests as well as offerings.

Some feedback on the forms:

  • When filling out the forms I wished there had been an (optional) field where I can describe my talk/hands-on in free-form text in a bit more detail.
  • It might be useful to also add an (optional) name field to the request form so we are able to follow-up with the requester.

I suggest we wait 1-2 days in case a few more submissions trickle in. Then, if we have more than a couple, we can start a voting; or if there’s only a few we simply pick one and schedule a date.



Thanks xnhp!

I’ll post it on #general in a couple days :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback! Regarding the first point, there is kind of already a way to give a more free-form input for the format question (in the “Other…” section):


For point two, I’ll definitely add a name section to allow following-up :slight_smile:

Oh, I was talking about an input field to further specify the topic. For instance:

  • Topic: “Flobbling Flubbs for optimal rebobble”
  • Additional Info: “The purpose of this talk is to introduce people from outside the field to the problem of flubb-flobbling. Of particular practical relevance is the rebobble measure, first defined by Henserich in 1857.”

Thanks a lot for the effort!

Ahh gotcha! I’ll add that now

What do you all think is the best way to vote on a topic?
I tried to see if an reddit-style upvote system could be implemented in Google Sheets, but this seems difficult/not-doable.
We could select a few topics from the spreadsheet, and make a straw poll to see which topic is chosen for the next talk?

I suggest we make a forum thread and people vote with hearts. Wouldd have the advantage of extra visibility, ability to add more details, and a strawpoll link would have to be shared somewhere anyway.


Awesome, I’m down with that. Do you think we should just have one Obsidian Talks voting thread where we can have a new vote each week (possibly delete old posts to reduce clutter). Or we could made a new post for each vote

Another option would be to do it with polls!

We could add one per talk:

My awesome talk
  • I’m interested

0 voters

Seems we can also add dates (not sure if it’s possible to use them to filter or something):


Edit: Testing what happens to poll results if I edit my post

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Sweet, that looks pretty good. The nice thing about the date embedding is that it can display different timezones.

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This is perfect!!! Someone just needs to setup the voting post, and we can start adding different talks there.

In a way, this could replace the “Offer to give a talk” form. Users could just set up a poll there? This reduces the number of steps, but sort of separates the different ways of doing things… thoughts?
Perhaps both are fine? We could also make the voting post only editable by organisers, but that feels wrong too :joy:

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I’m gonna set something up tomorrow if everyone is fine with that? I’ll add the existing submissions to a new voting post

Here is the voting post: Obsidian Talks - Vote for the next Talk :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

CC: @xnhp, @argentum, @Dextyrio, @I-d-as, @edward.peters


Thanks a lot again. I was going to follow up today :wink:

I’ll DM you more precise descriptions for my offered talks / workshops so you can add them to the forum post, ok?

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Discord user Cat made a good point. How should we go about letting people offer to speak on a previously requested topic?
I could set up a forum post similar to the voting one where users could volunteer? Thoughts?

To be honest I think we don’t need a structured/organised way for that unless we encounter the case that there are 5+ people wanting to speak about the same topic which I find highly unlikely to happen. If it is only a few people, then these things can be sorted out ad-hoc in PMs.

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