(Online) Storage for Vault files to sync multiple devices

Hey folks,

I posted recently in the r/obsidianMD the same question but wasn’t that satisfied with the suggestions. :slight_smile:
I want a solution until the offered encrypted storage feature from Obsidian itself is going live.
How do you version and store your vault files AND sharing it across multiple devices?

I think I saw that post. My answer to that would still be Syncthing if you don’t want to run a server.
I don’t know of any other solution which I would trust my notes in plain text. Since you want versioning you can’t really encrypt them.

Maybe a git repo inside a VeraCrypt container synced with whatever sync service you want to use would work but IMO that’s just a pain in the ass.

There’s been some discussion about this in Discord.

I use Tresorit myself for encrypted file sync and obsidian plays nice with that (on linux anyway I don’t have a windows setup to test it on)

pCloud isn’t bad, if you want encrypted sync.

So to secure and get sync with Obsidian. Im using https://cryptomator.org/ to create a secure vault in my Dropbox drive and save my Obsidian vaults there

I have been using VeraCrypt for 5 years and I very happy with it. I can recommend it.

I’m not sure that Obsidian’s future sync service will support encryption.