Online Editor

Use case or problem

I use a Chromebook at school, it’s locked down, so I can’t set up the Linux vm thingy.

Proposed solution

I think a web based editor, similar to what code-server did for VS Code. I know this is a big ask and most likely other things are being worked on right now, but I think this could be very useful. Maybe an online editor could interface with Google Drive or Nextcloud for storage? I know Google Drive storage would work especially well for students on Chromebooks.


You can set your files up on gDrive or other Internet storage. And any online editor that can access them would work for editing them.
It would be far more complex to have online Obsidian because it’s designed to work on local files and I’m not sure it could be made to function with files held on a web drive.

Obsidian has features that aren’t available in online editors, like the graph view, and some linking functionality, that’s why I want an online editor. The relational nature of the note-taking is important to me and can’t be replaced with another editor. I’m not sure how the app manages the file system, but it is technically already a web app, so I think it would be relatively easy.

As far as I know, Obsidian runs on Electron

Migrating it to a web app, in theory, shouldn’t be unreasonably complicated. But I’m no web programmer, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

Check out this thread for the same (?) feature request: Obsidian for web

Being electron doesn’t make it a web app, just piggybacking browser code.
But the problem remains files. Where would they be stored? How fast could app access them? There would be more delays and potential glitches.

The possibility is that the app stores the files itself on a server. This is the way most such programs work. But that would come at a cost, even if the coding were done.

Sorry I didn’t see that thread, I guess I didn’t use web as a search term. I will close this thread

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