OneDrive sync between Macs & to iPhone and iPad

My company is standardized on storing all documents on Microsoft OneDrive. Will it be a problem if I sync a vault using OneDrive between two Macs, an iPhone and one or two iPads.

Does anybody have experience doing this? Is OneDrive stable and a good solution for syncing Obsidian vaults?


The two macs won’t be an issue or difficult to setup, but Obsidian on the iPhone and iPad can’t directly access the OneDrive folder.

I was able to successfully setup GitHub - remotely-save/remotely-save: Yet another unofficial Obsidian plugin allowing users to synchronize notes between local device and the cloud service. Supports S3, Dropbox, OneDrive, webdav. using OneDrive and Obsidian as a test, but it was using a personal account.


  • OneDrive for personal

I haven’t tried it with my work OneDrive account.

It worked fine syncing a few notes from desktop (macOS) to mobile (iOS) in the brief time I tested it, but I don’t think I’d use this method daily with my main vaults. It’s an option to try out anyway.

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