OneDrive - Android Sync without FileShare or 3rd party


I don’t like the idea of giving access for all my files to FileShare or any other third party app to sync it to my local Samsung device from OneDrive.

Can Obsidian not see cloud folders on mobile yet as it can see from a Windows or Mac computer?

No idea about Android, but I can tell you that iPhone/iPad (iOS) only seems to support iCloud sync for Obsidian, and not OneDrive or Dropbox.

I do this on my Android and a desktop and laptop with syncthing. It moves my whole Vault between my devices.

When syncing, it is recommended you backup occasionally. I would also recommend turning on versioning in syncthing just in case you edit the same file on both devices and try to sync. My Daily Note is my usual target.

Have you tried GitHub - remotely-save/remotely-save?

How do you sync? Do you mean paid obsidian sync?

Thanks I did not know that plugin- However it also wants me to authenticate on Onedrive. I really don’t want to give file access to any app other than my Samsung Device’s onedrive functionality. I don’t trust these software having access to all my files.

Alternatively, you can use Obsidian Git. And backup to GitHub (or similar).

Take a look at Setting up Obsidian Git on Windows for the tech uninitiated (with images) - #10 by Klaas

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No to Obsidian paid sync.

Syncthing is configured on my phone and my computers. My Vault is an entire file directory hierarchy that syncthing keeps in sync. Syncthing is configured on my laptops and phone with my desktop and they all stay up to date.

I can pull up a note on each, and make an update on one, and the other gets updated.

My Syncthing on mobile is limited to wifi and when charging. And each syncthing takes versions into account should there be file conficts.

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Thanks both they are clever workarounds. However all need to rely on a third party. It is not same as Obsidian accessing directly to OneDrive from Android or any other cloud solutions. Android File System app can access so I am sure when you click OPEN VAULT, Obsidian should be able to do that.

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