One thing/tip/trick/resource you wish you knew when starting!

I’m new to Obsidian — I love .md editors, and the way the workflow lets me connect concepts and ideas is perfect for research and paper-writing! The depth of the app is daunting, though!

For the not-so-noob and hardcore Obsidian users, what’s one thing you wish you knew existed when you first downloaded the app? Particularly for students/researchers and people like me obsessed with efficiency and productivity!

I hope this kind of post is OK!

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Many shortcuts already exist but have not been assigned.

Important ones for me were:

  • move line up
  • move line down
  • create new note with current heading (good for splitting a big note)
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You can link to nonexistent files. I do this all the time when I have ideas or data on a topic I want to write or think about someday, but not today. I have tons of links to a single nonexistent file. Once I create that file, they’ll all show up as backlinks and can be used to jumpstart my research/writign.


For academic workflows, the excalidraw and citations plugins.

I was wondering if that was possible! How do you do that? Is there a plugin?

You can simply enclose a word or phrase in Wikilink-style double square brackets to create a link, even if the link target does not yet exist. For example, [[my future topic]]. Once created, the first time you click the link, Obsidian will offer to create the file for you. The new file will be empty, except for the file name. The ability is native. No plug in required.

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I don’t think so! Just type “[[regehtrgfregtef]]” or whatever and you’ll see.