One Obsidian window with multi-vaults

Currently updated v0.6.1 is mult-obsidian windows with multi-vaults.

2 options allow to do for ppl

  1. Mult-obsidian windows with multi-vaults.

  2. One Obsidian window with multi-vaults.


Steve, would your proposal merge the the contents of the two vaults in some way? Or would it still be visible where the notes came from? Would you expect inter-vault linking?

I guess I’m not clear on how this would be used?


Yes. those 3 answers are Yes, Yes, Yes.




You’re really clear than mine.

If could one window with multi-vault, and Mult-obsidian windows with multi-vaults. We’ll exactly figure it out what we can do .

So, with all respect, what is the advantage of multi-vaults over multi top-level directories in one vault?

I can only see the possibility to close one or more of the vaults in order to reduce the number of notes “active” at any time? For reduction of “clutter” in the explorer menu? But what then happens to inter-vault links?

For me, I am very happy to see multiple vaults, but I use them so that I can separate aspects of my life which have no serious intersection, or where there is confusion of vocabulary that might result in false links (for example, as you can see from my avatar I do horse related things. I am also a software engineer. “Bits” have very different meanings in these two parts of my life and I will surely use two separate vaults to keep them apart).

What is the essence of the need for multi-vaults, within one UI context, and each cognisant of the others contents? I imagine I am missing some key idea here?

the Graph view is really basic, no filter . but after api open , some developer will improvement graph view feature.

That’s why ppl ask multi-vault with multi-obsidian window in the current version.

I modifid my request , and not request only support one obsidian window with multi-vaults, also allow multi-vault with multi-obsidian windows(current supported )

I make an analogy,

  • Vault = Tab on chrome browser
  • Obsidian = Chrome browser

You can drag & drop one tab to new chrome browser, the same as do on obsidian.

You can also put the tab into other chrome browser .

I meant Flexible tools, That’s my key idea and point.

Thank you reply

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If you look at all your activities as part of a whole a single vault is ideal. If your work is sensitive and/or you prefer segregating activities, then multi-vaults is ideal. That flexibility is awesome so users can work as required.

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Ok, now I’ve understood. I’m not a great user of the graph view, so that didn’t occur to me.

Thanks for your patience with me :slight_smile:

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Thank you talk with me first.

@Steve_yang the graph will be improved even before third party plugins.

Multiple vaults are there IF you want to keep some independent notes segregated. Something like notes for personal finance and notes for software development.

Given your answer to @steve_yang, it seems that you are better served with a single vault.

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One implementation method for the second option would be this: Tabs for vaults

My main use case for this would be to easily search across vaults. I come from Boostnote (legacy) where they have “storage locations” that are similar to vaults. One vault would be work notes backed up by work cloud. Then my personal notes backed up by my cloud provider. The notes in each place contain related information, but i keep “work” specific info out of my personal notes (hosts, project info, etc) but i like generic information in personal. it would be nice to search across both vaults. Example, “howto aws” in personal notes, concrete example of “do something in our work specific aws” in work notes.

note, this isn’t a huge deal, i am loving obsidian regardless. Just figured I’d weigh in since i googled this functionality and came across this feature request.