One note is just suddenly missing

What I’m trying to do

I have paid subscription and sync my vault between several computers, my ipad and iphone. Suddenly, while opening obsidian at work, one note inside the vault is just plain missing. And worst of all, it’s my ‘umbrella’ note, the most important one.

Things I have tried

I searched in the snapshots. I searched in my waste bin on the computer (the setting is system trash). But there is absolutely no trace of the note anywhere. It’s so odd and first and foremost, it’s my most important note, so it’s really bad. How could this happen and what solutions could there be? Right now, its’ so much work just gone missing. Is there any other way to find it and restore it? Have any of you experienced this? I thought obsidian was safe and now I’m all sad and frustrated.

Oh no, sorry to hear that. There is also the “File Recovery” plugin which might help you find it.

Hello! Thank you for your replies. Luckily, I had made a backup on a USB thumb drive of the entire file system so I could restore the note from there. However, it keeps getting deleted. I once again put it in the vault twice yesterday, but now it’s gone again. I sent an email to the obsidian and they suggested it could be something with the antivirus. That seems scary if the antivirus can suddenly delete files. None of the files contain complete code like executables, just short strings of syntax for a commonly used open source tools.

Have anyone ever experienced something similar? I’m not sure how to treat this in the future. I will investigate if it’s possible to make an exception for obsidian on the antivirus.

This is so strange! Now, I saw it happening live. I opened the application in my iPhone, and saw that the note was missing. Then I opened the application on my MacBook, and first, I saw the note to the left, and then it disappeared. God, what is happening?

So just to follow up, I finally found the issue. Thanks to good support from the team. It was actually the antivirus on a MacBook, which I don’t use so much which was putting it in quarantine. By restoring the file on that computer it now works. However, I just need to configure rules on all units that I use so no files from obsidian will ever be put in quarantine or be deleted.
Thank you all for a good support!


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