One handed mobile checklist UX


Firstly, love obsidian, especially the whole markdown cloud sync as a file flexibility.

I really love the idea of replacing things like google keep or apple notes but the # 1 thing that I use a note taking app on my phone for is to quickly create some kind of checklist and tick it off. I have found doing that on the phone one handed in Obsidian is quite hard and that friction is making me want to go back to another app. Even Apple Notes makes this a bit hard where as Google Keep had a single option to tap to toggle lines with check boxes.

I know this is a specific use case, but I think a lot of other people probably want an app that works on desktop and mobile for all their note taking, but which they can also use to create and tick off lists while on the go.

I see a variety of feature requests around specific improvements to the checkbox functionality, so I guess mine is more broadly just asking to make that work flow for phone extremely easy to do at any time one handed.

What do you find difficult? How does the Keep feature differ from Obsidian and Notes?