One folder sort order different than the rest

What I’m trying to do

I am importing notebooks from Evernote into Obsidian (I am using YARLE for this). I have one folder that does not sort in the same manner as the rest of my folders. When I set sort order to Created Time (new to old) it sorts alphabetically from Z to A. When I set the order to old to new it sorts alpha A to Z. When I sort alphabetically it sorts as expected. When I sort Modified time (new to old) it sorts in an order that I cannot discern (not alpha, not created or modified time). What property could Obsidian be looking at to sort these files? Is it possible there is an import date property that I cannot see? Are notes imported in an alphabetical order and that’s why I am getting this?

Things I have tried

I paused Sync before importing this folder (Obsidian paid sync). I have tried rebooting and this behavior persists.

The files in the folder that does not sort the same has created at properties just like the rest of my folders in the format MMMM-DD-YYYY. The files also have last updated properties in the same format.

I have searched for Obsidian file sort order not as expected, created date reverts to alpha. I see references to plug-ins but this seems odd to me because sorting is working for other folders. I see feature requests for different folder level search orders.

The format “MMMM-DD-YYYY” is not considered a date format, so if you sort on it it’ll not return something date sorted, but rather an alphabetical sort.

If you’re in the file explorer doing the sort by modification time, it looks directly at the files modification time. It doesn’t look at any field of yours.


Thank you. I fixed my problem.

When I initially added the folder to Obsidian I copied the folder and pasted it into my Vault (Windows 10). I looked at the date created in win explorer and the date/times for all files were exactly the same (the time I pasted). So I deleted the folder and dragged the folder and dropped it into my vault and now the dates created are the true dates. My sort within Obsidian works as expected now!

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