On the Review Plugin

Hi Obsidian Forum!

Does anyone know how to check the future Reviews one has set for oneself when using the Review plugin created by RyanJMurphy? I find it a useful plugin, but I cannot figure out how to see Reviews which I have set for the future and their corresponding dates. This is an issue, because I intend to use the Review plugin as a spaced repetition system, and I would like to be aware of the various Reviews I have due on future dates, especially in case I forget to set a Review. In fact, I would like to know (if it is possible, of course) how to use dataview to see which Reviews one has set, as that would make keeping track of the Reviews easy.

I would also be happy if anyone were to recommend other ways of setting up a spaced repetition system in Obsidian, preferably one that permits the user to query the Review date for particular topics in Dataview (again, if such a system is possible).

Many Thanks

Does it show in the backlinks for the source note? (I don’t use the plug-in but from the description says

  • The plugin then creates a new daily note for the given day with a new review section (or appends this section to the given daily note, if one already existed).

The Backlink pane of the daily note to which I have assigned some material for review does not show the source note which I have assigned to it, but I can indeed see the creation of a future daily note in correspondence with the date of review for a particular topic. Thank you for your assistance.

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