On mobile show sync status using the settings gear icon

Use case or problem

When opening a vault on a mobile device (iPhone), it is hard to know when the device has finished syncing. On the desktop (at least on Linux), there is a sync status icon at the very bottom right corner of the window. On mobile devices, there are several taps required to get to a part of the UI where the sync status indicator is shown. In addition, navigating to the settings to check is tedious and opening a note for a slightly quicker is still tedious, and esp. in the case of the create daily note on startup sync-race means I have to visit a note I really don’t care about just to check status.

Proposed solution

use the already visible settings gear icon in the lower left to show the sync status.
That way, if it isn’t green, I can either wait a little bit to see if it will turn green, or I can can tap it (say if it turns red indicating a failure) and go hunting for the sync, then the sync activity button to see the log and figure out why.

Current workaround (optional)

My current work around is to open the app and wait, then hope.

Related feature requests (optional)


Existing request for always-visible sync status:

What theme are you using where it takes several taps to see the sync status icon? In Default and California Coast it only takes 1 tap (which is still way too many).

I think it would be better to just permanently expose the existing sync icon rather than overload the settings icon. That way things work the same on every platform and you can tap it to see the sync log (which wouldn’t work with the Settings icon).

No need to open and hope. You can always slide out the right sidebar and check.
It’s one action and is just as many steps as your proposed solution (right side swipe vs left side swipe).

:+1: to making sync (optionally) more visible. I don’t personally want this but I can see why some would always want to see it.

:-1: to this particular request and over-loading the settings icon.


Sorry for the delay, I missed that you had replied!

I’m using the default (Light) theme.
The taps are to open a note (I almost always close notes when I am done editing them so I don’t fumble finger changes that I won’t notice), then tap the triple dots to the the pane which has the sync status icon on it.

Since i don’t know what the screen layouts for non-iPhone’s look like, I wasn’t sure if there was enough real-estate for a dedicated desktop-like sync icon.

Basically I would be happy with desktop-like passive display of status (rather than requiring taps), whether it is the gear / settings icon or something else.


Having the option to always show sync status in the bottom control bar of the app would be ideal. Since background syncing on iOS is not guaranteed it would be nice to have sync status be always visible before someone absentmindedly closes the app.

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