Make Sync icon always visible [Feature]


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.05, v1.1.0

I’d like the Obsidian Sync status icon to be always visible instead of hidden behind the 3-dot menu, so I can know ASAP if there’s a sync error, and to avoid editing files that might be out of sync.

(2022-03-21: Added current version number and more use-case detail.)

When I move to a different device I’m often editing the same file (my daily note). I appreciate Obsidian Sync’s ability to merge conflicting changes, but sometimes it makes a small mess (like extra blank lines or repeated text), so I wait for Sync to complete before I edit.

Also I often pull out my phone, note something, and put it away quickly. Sometimes I put the phone away before Sync has finished uploaded the new changes. This would happen less if the Sync icon were always visible.

On desktop I can glance at the always-visible status icon, but on mobile I have to open the sidebar. It’s a small action, but it adds friction over the many times times I do it each day. The icon is small, and there’s room for it in the app header — even on my phone, which is one of the smallest currently available.



It might be possible for a CSS snippet to reposition the sync icon. I don’t have the gumption to explore that now, but I plan to someday if the problem persists.

I can never exit the app right after typing but always have to wait 1-3 seconds for sync to finish, because every time I exit the app it immediately gets backgrounded and sync activity stops, leading to possible sync conflicts.
Sync resumes normally when I open Obsidian again, though sometimes with 20 seconds delay.

iPhone 11, iOS 15.3.1
This has been happening from the start.

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Yes, please.