On macOS, rename files and folders by pressing space

Use case or problem

On macOS, there’s no hotkey (nor a possibility to set one) for renaming a file or folder, you have to right-click every time you want to do it.

Proposed solution

On macOS, rename files and folders by pressing space when the file/folder is selected, following macOS’ system hotkeys.

Current workaround (optional)

Right-clicking each time to rename :frowning:

Related feature requests (optional)

As far as I’ve found, none.


This was something I was curious about too! Your post did motivate me to look into it more. I think there is a hotkey: “Edit File Title” which is, by default, F2 (Function Key #2). Click: fn and F2 and it should work!

Is this what you had in mind?

Edit: This does not address your comment about renaming folders… Working on that now!!

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Not really, I meant file/folder names in the file explorer. Basically, yes, a file name = a file title, but I’m way more accustomed to how it’s implemented in VS Code, for example, or in Finder, where to rename, you just press space when an item is selected.

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Yeah, I understand what you’re asking about now. Just curious: what use case is there for changing the folder names regularly? I am new to the app, so I am learning! Thanks!!

For me, it’s revising the folder structure, which I do once in a while. Like, sometimes I change the folder structure quite drastically to fit my new vision, and that requires some renaming. I can do it all in Finder, yes, but it’s way more comfortable when file explorers in all apps I use share the same set of hotkeys.

Makes sense. Yeah, I don’t see this option in Obsidian (but, again, I am new and someone else might know better/best). Cool thought!