On iOS, toolbar consistently covers end of file's text

What I’m trying to do

This video illustrates what I observe = scroll to the bottom, see the last bit of text (bolded) — but unless I tap-and-hold to maintain the scroll, it always bounces back up & the toolbar obscures that final text. TL;DR = I can never see the end of my file, and if there are links there never access them.

Is this standard behavior, a bug, or something I might have induced thru my settings?

Things I have tried

  • Tap-and-hold, scroll, and release. Behaves the same, where scroll bounces back up & covers text.
  • Add blank new rows at the end. These rows get trimmed out in read view, so I’m back at square one.

I don’t see this behavior on mine.

If you’re using a community theme, switch to the default theme, then restart Obsidian. Do you still see the problem? If not, use Settings > Appearance > Check for updates. If there are no updates or the update doesn’t help, your community theme has a bug.

Otherwise, enable Settings > Community Plugins > Restricted mode, then restart Obsidian. Do you still see the problem? If not, update your plugins (similar process as for themes). If that doesn’t help you’ll need to find which plugin is causing the problem. If you have many plugins, the “Divide and Conquer” plugin can help you narrow it down quicker.

@CawlinTeffid Thanks for the triage instructions.

  • I switched to the default theme, and the problem persisted.
  • I enabled restricted mode, still didn’t work.
  • I disabled all plugins (core & community), also didn’t work.

In between each bullet above, I swiped up to open the App Switcher and closed the Obsidian app before relaunching.

Hmmm. Try making a new vault to test in. Do you see it there?

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