On fresh start, Obsidian opens with page header/title in the middle of the note

Has anyone seen this when opening Obsidian from being completely closed? The page header/title will be halfway down a note. It happens when opening fresh to the “no file is open” note and also when opening fresh directly to various previously opened notes. It happens about 3/4 of the time when opening Obsidian here on OSX and IOS.


Moved to help

Yes, I’ve already done all of those those things except disabling all plugins one at a time. I thought it may be the Commander plugin causing it, but that has been disabled and it’s still doing it. It’s likely a plugin and not Obsidian so this would probably be better in the help section if a mod can move it. If someone has seen this I’d or has an idea that would be great. Otherwise, I’ll find some time tomorrow to disable one at a time and then restart.

The troubleshooting guide is there to cut down on wasted time for everyone: "Did you do this? “Did you try that?” and so on. For next time, say in your first post what steps you have taken or not.

It could be the Creases plugin. I think it was causing something like that.

I have Creases and it wasn’t updating, so there was something going on with it. Actually, it ended up being the Obsidian Tabs plugin. Hopefully that helps someone.

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