On click the Outline plugin should scroll only the currently focused note

When I open two instances of the same long note open, and trying to use outline (core plugin) in one of them, it takes effect for both notes instead of doing it just for the note that the focus is one it.
it is like this before:

and after clicking on a heading in outline pane:



THanks, happens in both preview and editor

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Ok. Upon further discussion with @Licat, I discovered that this is design and implementation decision.
I am going to move this to Feature Requests.

I also expected that clicking the header in the outline would only scroll the currently focused note.

(I’m posting this reply in case user feedback is helpful in making the design decision. If it is, what’s the best way for folks to share their opinion of the expected behavior? Perhaps some kind of poll?)

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I would also expect the behavior of scrolling only the pane with focus.

I would love this to be added as an option in the settings for the Outline plugin: a scroll only in active pane option that can be toggled off/on.

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