Omnisearch stuck

When I updated Omnisearch it broke: now it just says this. I guess it’s having trouble reading and indexing all my notes? It’s been like this for several days and reinstalling the plug in did not help.

Omnisearch developer here.

I’ll gladly help but will need more info :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Does the search work? (i.e. is it only the message that doesn’t go away?)
  • What is your version of Omnisearch?

Could you ctrl+shift+i (or the macos equivalent) to enable the developer console, and copy-paste error messages that might appear?

If you have a github account, you can also file your issue over there Issues · scambier/obsidian-omnisearch ( :+1:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey there,

I’m just piggy backing on this thread. I’m a new user trying to get omnisearch to index my vault with the majority of items being pdf’s at the moment. I have my vault on google drive with a pdf folder in it as well. It’s been indexing for a couple days now. I’m also getting the in progres message and wondering if the issue (slowness) is that there are a lot of files, probably 1200 articles and 200 books, or because its on google drive.

As for your questions, the search does not always work. Sometimes I only get hits for notes, sometime for both noets and pdf’s. Sometimes nothing at all.

As fof the dev console stuff, im not exactly sure what I’m looking for but I see two warning that are the same:

plugin:omnisearch:43 Omnisearch - Worker timeout
eval @ plugin:omnisearch:43

Also, a quick question, does the indexing have to happen on both devices if the vault is located in the cloud? I’m suspecting it dosen’t because the index is housed in the cloud.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

also, it seems that whenever I close and relaunch Obsidian, the indexing process starts again, leaving me unable to search pdf’s

@ramjewan First, text extraction is definitely a resumable process. In the developer tools, you can open the “Application” tab, then go into Storage > IndexedDb > “obsidian-text-extract/cache/…” to see what files have already been treated. However, Omnisearch won’t be fully functional until all PDFs have been treated. In the meantime, issues with search results are to be expected.

Extracting text from PDFs can take a long time, and there’s a 2 minutes timeout per file. Timeouts happen when the files are too big or when there’s an issue while extracting the text. The total time totally depends on your CPU and its number of cores.

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