Omnisearch plugin - how to "to switch to In-File search" using keys?

When I have “vault search” activated, underneath the results there’s an option “to switch to In-File search”. I.e.

What key combination does this? How is this meant to work?

No key combination on my MacBook Pro (arrows with modifiers or otherwise) seem to do anything. The other key options at the bottom of the search box work as expected.

Thanks in advance.

Let me answer my own question. That symbol is apparently TAB. I thought it was indicating the end/start of the line.

Not sure if that is obvious (probably). I’ll leave this post here just in case someone else has the same problem.

I think tab is usually represented by a single, right-pointing arrow like the bottom half of that symbol. Might be worth posting an issue on the plugin’s GitHub page.

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Ddddd, yeah you are right, it’s tab.

Cawlin, I opened an issue here: [BUG] Minor UI issue. Tab icon shows tab and shift-tab. Shift-tab does nothing. · Issue #205 · scambier/obsidian-omnisearch · GitHub

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Thank you all.

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