OmniFocus, Obsidian and Hook

I would like to link from tasks in OmniFocus to notes in Obsidian. Does Hook make this possible? I’m trying to understand what the integration between Hook and Obsidian actually does, and don’t fully get it.

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I don’t think I’ve figured it out completely, but I use Hook to select a document, e.g., a Google Doc. Then I just copy the link into the notes field of the OmniFocus item. That makes the document accessible via the link in OmniFocus. I can ‘hook’ the document into a Obsidian document too, but my workflow doesn’t (yet) call on me to link an OmniFocus item with Obsidian.

You don’t need Hook for this. Just get the obsidian note URL and paste it in the applicable task in OmniFocus.


Wow! Didn’t realize there was such a thing. Thanks!

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I like to link both ways. Here’s an iOS shortcut that finds a project in OmniFocus based on a fragment of text.

It leaves a link to the project in the paste buffer as a Markdown link. Just paste that into obsidian and you’re done.

For example, I typed “obsid” into the shortcut input and it found my Obsidian project. I selected that from the list of matches and it left this in the paste buffer:

OmniFocus: [Obsidian](omnifocus:///task/jeDhaNbUut_)

Addendum: I guess this is only useful if you’re using the iOS beta of obsidian or use 1Writer or IA Writer as an alternative.


Also install this plugin and assign it to a keyboard shortcut in OmniFocus and you can open a url within a task using a single keystroke OmniFocus: Tasks

I am so close to getting this shortcut to work…thanks largely to the awesome people that are talking about this here…much thanks for the inspiration.

What am I doing wrong? The only thing this is NOT doing is providing me with the omnifocus url I need so that when I paste it into the Obsidian kanban file, I can access it.

Much thanks to anyone that can help.

Your shortcut inspired me to figure out if “this” can be done with individual items in a project. I’m almost there and have posted my shortcut here…see below. What am I missing?

This is great. Thanks. I imported your shortcut on my Mac and assigned a key combination but that does not work when I’m in Obsidian (it does when I’m not in Obsidian). Any suggestions how to get it working when in Obsidian? (that’s where it will add the most value)

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