Ogg recognized as video format

Ogg audio is recognized as video format, and it is shown in video player.

Ogg can be a container for video content, so Obsidian doesn’t know. I know Ogg is commonly used as an audio format, but we really don’t want to assume that. Sorry about that.

I never seen OGG video :slight_smile:
Any additional attribute in link when we want to declare it is audio?
Probably there will be same problem for other formats.

Currently supported audio formats are: mp3, wav, m4a, 3gp, flac. Video formats are webm, mp4, and ogg. I don’t see a problem with the other audio formats as they cannot contain video, as far as I know.

Me either, but please see https://askubuntu.com/questions/518895/is-ogg-for-audio-or-for-video-format. Maybe we can assume ogg is for audio and ogv is for video.