Official third-party sync services?

similar like joplin ?

I am not sure what you mean with official and third party.

This is what you can do in Obsidian to sync.

the following services blocked in my company…I am looking for official support for S3 or webdav

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • iCloud Drive
  • OneDrive

because I can build my own webdav or S3 server with my own domain :wink:

there’s no official support for S3 or webdav, nor for any other third party sync service.
The only service we officially support is Obsidian Sync.

You are free to use any third party sync systems (assuming you can make them work).

If you use Obsidian for/in a business, you’ll need a commercial license (regardless of the sync service).

Thanks for your replay
I have tested third party plugins similar like “remotely save”,but not stable in my side.
that’s why I post this Topic on “Feature requests”, I hope obsidian can support Official third-party sync services in the future

but the way, if I use obsidian in my company laptop, but i use it for your private note, should I buy a commercial license ?

It depends on note’s content/scope. If you use it as an aid to do your work (even if it’s just meeting notes, or tasks to do) you need commercial license.

As an aside, you company may not like/allow you to use their property for your personal files. You need to check this with them.

What I am currently using is Resilio Sync.

Not because I object to pay for Obsidian. My main grief with Obsidian Sync is that it goes through a third party server.

Resilio Sync is only transferring data between shared folders on my devices.

I started with Syncthing which provides similar features using a very different approach but I had regular corruption issues on my external sd cards with both android tablet and phone. Since my switch to resilio, those issues are a thing from the past.

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