Official FreeBSD support?

Use case or problem

I use FreeBSD as my main OS, so not having an easy way to install Obsidian on FreeBSD is a deal breaker for me.

Proposed solution

Compile Obsidian for FreeBSD and create a .pkg package.

The FreeBSD porter’s handbook, esp. chapter 3, provides documentation for creating FreeBSD packages.

Current workaround

I have seen threads where people propose using the Linux compatibility layer. However, that is not something I want to rely on with my notes.

Can’t you use an AppImage? There is one for Obsidian.

This is unlikely to happen but some user can attempt to build a third-party package like the Arch or Flatpack ones.

I use FreeBSD too, it would be great to have obsidian available throught binary packages.

FreeBSD is my daily driver as well. I am currently watching an internal presentation on Obsidian and would love to use it natively.

I have created a port for Obsidian: freebsd-ports/Makefile at main · freebsd/freebsd-ports · GitHub

It will not be available for installing via pkg install, though, because its license doesn’t allow redistribution. Leave a +1 in this thread: Consider allowing redistribution in the EULA

Since you’ll have to install it from Ports, see the comment at the top of Makefile for instructions on how to avoid compiling most of the dependencies by hand.


Great work !!!
It works on GhostBsd too