Official Browser Clipper Extension

Use case or problem

Clipping content in Webpage with wide variety of options such as Clipping Selections only, Clip URL only, Clip the Entire page with the ability to select folders everytime.

Proposed solution

Create a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome similar to joplin.

Current workaround (optional)

Use other Extensions such as GitHub - ewestern/obsidian-clipper. You may ask why not just use this. Problem is dev is inactive and doesn’t merge any PR or develops further.


Have you tried the Markdownload extension?

Well, Markdownload doesn’t capture things often. Sometimes page is half cut, I tried it in other devices and browsers too.

Do you know about the Extract url content plugin?

Thing is Cool. I think I just need clip the URL using the extension I linked and use the plugin to convert to markdown. Great Idea.

There is also the Read it later plugin, with which you can also use templates to add frontmatter or tags or whatever other content. It is more used for articles, videos and tweets but you can also make new notes from clipboard content.

I personally use it in addition with the advanced URI plugin to generate a URI for the “save clipboard” command. I then made a firefox bookmark (right-click in the bookmark bar, choose ‘new bookmark’) and entered that URI to have a button like with a clipper to save the content of my clipboard, even when Obsidian isn’t open. Sure, it does involve the manual copying to clipboard of the link or text I want to save but it works quite nice.

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